Baby names meaning blessing gift

Theodora This name comes to us from the Bible.
Yoana This lovely baby name means how to win on nadex God pay my tjx rewards card online is gracious.30 Fedyenka Russian boy Russian form of Theodore ' gift from God'.It can be downright emotionally and physically draining, in fact but there's no denying that the birth of a baby is a total miracle.29 Ercole Greek boy Gift from God.David This Biblical name means someone who is truly beloved.It can also means the blessing of God.Micah - Hebrew, "gift from God miles - Hebrew, "gift from God mitchell - Hebrew, "gift from God".24 Doroata Polish girl Polish form of Dorothy: Gift from God.It is said to mean one who is blessed.Jedediah This Biblical name means someone who is beloved of the lord.Axel This Hebrew name means divine reward.12 Bohdan Hebrew boy Gift from God.
Daivik This unique name means one who has divine characteristics or is religious.
Ataur Rahman, this Arabic name means the gift of the most gracious.