Corgi gift set 41

This page will feature the most recent Gift Sets that I have added and most of these may also have available to buy.
This is a rare item, issued in 1966 and, despite staying in the catalogue until 1971, it is difficult to find now in original form galaxy gift swensen and especially with a nice original box.Green/Black (Cast Hubs) - Tiger on bonnet figures of Dr Marsh, Tracy, Judy, Paula, Clarence.The truck, cars and trailer are all excellent.You will find multiple sets of search results (from eBay) for Corgi 7 showing items for sale and links to other ToyMart advertisers which will help you locate and compare prices before you buy or sell a Corgi 7 Daktari Set.Some are grey plastic.Oil Bowser, maintenance Tower, motorcycle, bicycle, bombs and Bomb Trolleys 12 Acrylic Paints 2 Brushes 2 Poly Cement.This is very, very good example of this set in complete totally original form.An odd group, the Bentley Continental, Ford Consul Classic and Chevrolet Corvair, displayed in the box with their bonnets or boots open.Contents: Avro Lancaster BI, L294mm x W432mm.Quite rare now, especially with all the bits.Each has original chracters and models but reproduction boxes and inner display.This was a momentous task, with large numbers of men and equipment involved in each operation.I think this was the final outing for the 438 Land Rover.Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer.The maintenance, refuelling and rearming of each machine was a long process and one that taxed the often forgotten but vitally important ground crews to the limit.Links to more photos and information will be added as soon as I can but in the meantime just contact me if you would like either to reserve an item or get more information.Bedford MWC / MWD, david Brown Tractor, standard Light Utility Vehicle 'Tilly'.The Mack truck unit pulls a machinery carrier that you may recognise.

Gift Set 37 Lotus Racing Team.
I am trying to find a box now but each model is also available individually.