Cute roommate christmas gifts

cute roommate christmas gifts

These gifts bend the rules on traditional candle scents and can include anything from new car scents to the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.
Price.99 19 More Gifts to Get Your Roommate Written by Lily Coltoff.
Resources, for Students Parents, tyler Edwards/Digital Vision/Getty Images, even though you sometimes know more about your roommate than anyone else on campus, finding the perfect gift can still be challenging.Show them some love by getting one with a photo of you two on it, or buy them one with puppies or other patterns.Throw Pillow Get your roommate something to cuddle up to while they read or binge TV with a decorative throw pillow.HP Pavilion x360 HP Pavilion x360 Saving the best for last, this is the kind of gift you completely bend the rules with and gift to your roommate with the sole purpose of actually gifting it to yourself as well.You can find calendars with everything from puppies to shirtless firefighters holding puppies to even just comics or sudoku puzzles.Sure visiting parents might be slightly uncomfortable with the snarky remarks on your freezer door, but it sure beats passive-aggressive sticky notes between roomies.Come Christmas, she bought me a Jeffree Starr Lipstick that I had been wanting, and it was one of the best gifts Ive gotten in a while, said American University sophomore Hattie Wade.And lets face it, once in a while, we all need nice paper or cardstock to use for one reason or the other.And look at that, all of a sudden your apartment has impressive wine glasses for everyone!This would be a great choice especially for a roommate who will be spending a semester abroad.For your self-obsessed roommate, consider getting them a selfie toaster.You dont need to buy them a fountain pen or anything over-the-top, but a nice multi-pack with a wide variety of colors shows that you pay attention to which pens they prefer and what color they needand stops them from borrowing all of yours.The great thing about candles as gifts is that they arent just for the receiver.A gift like this works great around finals and holidays, but also any time your roommate might need a bit of a skin savior.A stylish backpack might be just what they need to hit the library instead of the bars next semester.Thug Life Doormat Even if the most thug thing youve ever done is speed through a yellow light, this welcome mat discount furniture manhattan ks can brighten your doorway.Face Masks While on the topic of moisturizing, grabbing a set of face masks brooklyn bedding promo code from Ulta or Amazon could make a sweet self-care treat for your roommate.(If youre that kind of sports fan.Hang in There Shower Curtain, if your group of live-in besties have had more than your fair-share of meltdowns, consider this motivational mammal.Plus, if you buy one for your roommate, chances are theyll let you borrow it the next time you lose yours.Some of Their Favorite Personal Products.
My roommates are outdoorsy, said Kaufman.