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Malaria: Several shopping centers close to each other.
One who remembers when dancing was done with the feet;.
The ability to put your best foot forward without stepping on anybodys toes;.A soldier who has no privacy whatsoever;.Triple daisy lane gifts madison al Bypass: Better than a quarterback sneak.A person who, when you ask how she is, tells you;.Remark: Something that can be caught and heard but never seen.The kind of ban than men forget;.Shampoo: The plastic mounds of dog feces that you can buy in novelty stores.A fellow who is willing to go out and spend your last cent to prove hes right;.New Office Cubicles, our Office Cubicles Sales "1 stop shopping center for.Gazebo: A cross between a gazelle, zebra and a hippo.Atoll: What you pay before you cross a bridge.A womans clowning glory;.Being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice.Gray Matter: Older, experienced business people hired by young entrepreneurial firms looking to appear more reputable and established.Klazomaniac: Someone who only seems able to speak by shouting.
Vicious Circle: A wedding ring.