Diy gift card box

It also bugged me that every time I have ever put a card into a card box it would not fall into the box as expected but have to be jammed.
While you are cutting the 5 pieces for one of the boxes plug in your glue gun to get it nice and hot.Next we need to cut out a few pieces so the two boxes become a single box.Utility knife - This may be necessary to cut through thicker doubled pieces or excess glue later.Using one long cut to cut pieces with similar dimensions means you will have straiter and fewer cuts.Scissors - You will need these to cut and trim the fabric.For the card slot opening carefully cut a slit like this - then tuck the excess fabric galaxy gift swensen inside to hide the fraying edges.I used two large sheets.Before the glue cools carefully lower the lid onto the box making sure it is aligned correctly.Now you should have a completed 5 sided box.So the person with the lowest score got Peanut Butter, Jelly and a loaf of bread.I placed the fabric on the smooth cutting mat and placed the front of the box in the center and pressed down firmly to stick the fabric to the box.In the end my card box turned out exactly how I had designed it to and worked very well.I then stretched the fabric slightly and rotated the box 90 degrees onto one of the sides and stuck that side.
They dont get to eat out!