Do you get optimum points on gift cards

You will receive points when you purchase the gift card, and you will receive points when you spend.
A return that high is quite good in the credit card world but since you will only be buying a finite amount of merchandise from Shoppers Drug Mart, it may not be worth it over whatever you consider to be the best credit card.
Third, stores who have had many people taking advantage of such a promotion may attempt to enforce a policy where you can only buy one gift cards, do only one transaction, or not allow you to buy gift cards at all.Further, if you use the card at a Shoppers Drug Mart store you will earn 15 points instead of 5 for using the card plus whatever other points you would normally earn using your optimum card.You only get points for those referrals that you refer directly.Referral Events, shoppers Drug Mart also runs referral events a few times a year where they notify their members via email that an event is coming up in the next week or two.If you can take advantage of this method, I would highly encourage you to do so by simply requesting a hand-written receipt and processing the claim with your insurer manually instead of automatically.This card doesn't offer the top level rewards of some of the best credit cards in Canada that I have listed, but it still offers decent rate of return and there is an added bonus when you use the card at a Shoppers Drug Mart.Purchase a Gift Card, Get Double the Points.Most people can manage that with essential household items that go on sale for cheaper than your local Wal-Mart alone.If you top of the gift card with your credit card you can earn credit card rewards on top of all the Optimum points as well or more Optimum points by using the Shopper's Optimum MasterCard.That means that instead of spending at SDM in 1 year to qualify you only really need to spend 750 500.I thought the terms and conditions say no points on electronic gift cards (with Shoppers Drug Mart branded gift cards being the exception)?Some that I saw regularly were 500 points for paper towel, 500 points for buying fabric softener, 500 points for buying laundry soap, 1000 points for buying any natural health product, 1000 points for spending 10 on food products.For instance, a recent promotion in August offered 200 off when you redeem 95,000 points which is an added 30 in savings over and above the norm.Using debit at any retailer will earn 1 point for every dollar spent.There is usually some sort of bonus just for shopping yourself and you also get additional bonuses for each person you referred who also shops.Be sure to check your receipt to make sure you were credited for all the bonus points you are entitled.If youre really serious about racking up the points, you can earn extra rewards by applying for an RBC Shoppers Optimum bank account or credit card.Depending on the type of referral event it is, you may only get bonuses for people you refer directly or you may get a bonus for both direct and indirect referrals.What's even better, purchasing gift cards counts towards your yearly purchase requirement promo code store dj to qualify for the Optimum Plus program.Turn your 15x into 16x and your 20x into 21x!

On the other hand if you refer friends and family you have no guarantee that they will shop and it is a whole lot more work!
The maximum number of total bonus points any one person can earn per event is 100,000.