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I was then lucky enough to be able to negotiate my job down to 3 days a week and spend more time developing and making products.
As an example, the Lice n Easy Shampoo was requested to wash away lice and other external parasites that are commonly found on guinea pigs.
Karen regularly uses and recommends Gorgeous Guineas products (as well as being one of the chief product testers).Because of this, I use a different one that is just as effective.Most of them went on to make a full recovery and have did byu win now been rehomed.The great thing about working with guinea pig rescues is that they usually have guineas coming in with skin problems, so there are always plenty of opportunities to see how effective the products were.And that was the beginning of your guinea pig skin care business?HQHair - scca coupon code EN, hQHair amex platinum rewards points value - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair - EN, hQHair -.Funnily enough we dont have any customers in Peru where guineas are kept as a food source.Gorgeous Guineas, the worlds first company to create aromatherapy products specifically developed for guinea pigs.The Original 4 Oil is, but the Oil Soaks have been replaced by Marvellous Melts which are based on Coconut Oil which is very nourishing for hair and skin.For pregnant Humans, there are restrictions on essential oils that can be used during each trimester and as the oils havent been tested on pregnant sows, it is always safer to avoid them.(I saw in one of the success stories on your site that somebody had successfully used your products on a dog).Weve even got a couple of customers in the wilds of Alaska!There were lots of little sores all over his body, the Mites had infested his head too, causing him to scratch to try and relieve the discomfort.They also require prompt Veterinary attention when they get sick as they are prey animals and very good at hiding illness often until it is too late.Yes regular bathing every 4-6 weeks along with using the correct bedding / disinfectant can help to reduce the risk of skin problems.And the products work on other animals as well?

And its all natural ingredients?