Great gifts for student pilots

This premium binder is made for maps, flight plans, and all of cityline contests 2018 the paperwork pilots need at the ready when they step into the cockpit.
This bundle includes a stainless steel yoke shaft with fourteen buttons and a separate lever throttle with three sliding controls.
Published by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, this book is filled with an array of color photographs that will delight any pilot.
So obviously, they need a place to put it all.GoPro with Airplane Attachments I think every private pilot wants to own a GoPro to record their flights.Pilots seem dr who tardis gifts to communicate via acronym.If your looking for a gift your pilot will love, a GoPro is an excellent option.This one is nasa blue and has the nasa logo and the Space Shuttles commemorative 100th Mission patch on the front.It's been sitting on my book case for years.If you cant afford a real airplane, maybe you can opt for an aircraft model. .Kneeboards are still all the rage, even for an iPad-carrying student pilot.A flight bag, student pilots have a lot of items they need to carry with them when they fly.Garmin Aviators investment trusts at a discount Watch, the D2 is like having a flight computer on your wrist.This is the aviators version of that.While we don't recommend anyone go around smelling jet fuel, spend time at any airport and your bound to get a whiff of it eventually.Pilots Headset A pilots headset is perhaps one of the most important items in their flight bag.Pilots are a special breed.Aviators were designed specifically for fighter pilots, hence the name.The ravpower is a great option as is the compact Anker Portable Charger.But theyre not the only ones: any recent ground combat veteran loves the Warthog, too.Flying is Freedom line available exclusively at PilotMall.Serengeti has made the highest quality aviators glasses for decades, and this pair is a favorite among pilots.Prices Vary Flight Simulator Software X-plane is the flight simulator that real pilots keep on their home computer to practice on when they can get behind the controls of a real plane.
Flight Bag PLC Pro The mygoflight bag is a good mid sized bag.
It was a World War II workhorse: the first single-engine plane over France, the first airplane to Germany, and the first one to make it to Berlin.