How to do a travel voucher in dts

how to do a travel voucher in dts

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As the cash serve you when purchasing any airlines, so the American Airline travel vouchers.It is also important to be familiar with redeeming American Airlines travel voucher, every now and then.It is advisable to that you carry other persons passport, as at times it may be needed as proof.Then, I was told I could not use it as the voucher was not in my name.You don't need to present the Travel Voucher document to redeem your voucher.However, latam will honor all vouchers redeemed through November 9, 2016.Thank you for helping to improve wisegeek!Related-payments for reduced distances or promotions.If the cost of services is more than the value of the Travel Voucher, you may pay the difference using any payment method that is available.However, the American Airline Travel voucher will serve you when purchasing other commodities like: Excess baggage fee, collection of any additional fare or change fee.You may prefer to pay the ticket to another individual or use it for other proclaimed purpose separately from own traveling.I asked what happens if it gets lost in the system or not received for some reason, she advised to take a photo picture and copy.Through our website is not possible.The rep then directed I had to mail it in by a certain date or deliver it in person at an airport terminal.