Hylands school reward points

Once you register you will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at time of purchase towards the cost of your order.
It starts with selecting rewards that appeal to your students.
Common reasons a student might be prevented from participating in store include a detention or amazon wedding gift list suspension over the past week or more than three outstanding homework assignments.Spend, students can save up their Vivo Points and spend them in our Reward Store.Whether your school implements pbis, or you simply want to create a more engaging classroom environment, this guide is for you.However, the store is a privilege, and if students dont meet basic expectations they can lose what is the wimbledon prize money the opportunity to participate.Ensure that your store includes intangibles like Lunch with the Teacher that build relationships with students.Field Day An afternoon of outdoor sports and competitions.You can sign up for free to use LiveSchool in your classroom and connect the app to all the procedures and ideas in this guide.Here at Woodlands School we believe that positively reinforcing good behaviour or high achievement can be more effective than punishing bad behaviour or low achievement.Foster learning culture, create a positive learning culture within your school a system that recognises the majority not just the few.Student engagement and motivation, community cohesion, attendance, financial literacy, data integration.Insights Vivo gives you rich insights into student development, behaviour and tracking of specific details of improvement.There is nothing worse than a positive reward time becoming a negative behavior issue.Pupils also receive educational articles, competitions and opportunities with VivoEdge, our content site.

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