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While it is fine to bring soft copies or scans of documents with you, sometimes, a print out of your itinerary, boarding passes, photocopies of tickets, passport information and visa pages can be a good way to ward off overzealous immigration officers or ticket checkers.
This is how I make sure that I always have enough space for those unforgettable memories!
Cloud storage, my smartphone can only hold so many videos and photos.
This article has been updated on the 17th April 2018, how to remain connected is not always a question easy to answer during your trip abroad.Portable WiFi is the best solution to avoid any data roaming in Italy.After I reported this to my insurance, they gladly reimbursed me part of the cost of my suitcase.Cost for 11 days was 117, which included a premium for usage outside France.Not all providers really offer 4G LTE and a good data package with this fair usage.The only thing we had were a few photos from our mobile phones and in our GoPro.Well, I guess I'll respond to my own post.We arranged our pocket wifi to be mailed to our hotel in Munich at the beginning of our trip, instructions are easy and clear and in minutes we were racing through the city, figuring out citys train stations for the first time using directions from.What else do you think we should include?This was less than half of what I would have paid XCom for equivalent service.You will also be able to access 4G LTE almost everywhere and make your travel experience even more unforgettable.Prepaid Sim Cards in Italy vary a lot from free WiFi or Pocket WiFi in the kind they are used.For travelers who do not care about the WiFi quality, the inconvenient of free WiFi is that they are very randomly located.Sim Card will mainly allow you to make calls (more local than international).
We learned this the hard way when we lost over 1000 photos from our trip to Iceland, Sweden and parts of our trip to Denmark because of a corrupted memory card.
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Especially during a trip to Italy.
We made sure we had oral rehydration salts and clean bottled water.