Nanki shak gifts

nanki shak gifts

The bride showers rice all over the room while her mother stands behind her holding a scarf or a sari palla to collect the rice.
The Laavan (Four Prayers The laavan are the four prayers that seal the marriage and this requires the bride and groom to move in tracfone airtime promo codes 2017 a clockwise manner around the Guru Granth Sahib as the priest finishes the prayer.After this, karah prasad (sacramental sweet pudding) is distributed to the guests present in the Gurudwara.Traditionally the bride would wear 21 red and ivory coloured bangles on each arm.The Mehendi ceremony is reciprocated at the grooms place, however, on a smaller scale.Chunni Ceremony: This ceremony is held on the same day as the engagement.Then check these 10 Hottest Colours For Engagement And Cocktail Gowns This Wedding Season.This ceremony was conventionally organized on different days wherein the brides family and the grooms family paid a visit to each others home with gifts on different days, however, is organized as a joint ceremony nowadays.During this ceremony, one end of the scarf (palla) is placed on the grooms shoulder while the other is held by the bride.This is the wedding gift from the maternal family.Do tell us in the comments section below!As with Punjabis who are fun-loving and happy-go-lucky people who believe in expressing their emotions with great enthusiasm, Punjabi family weddings are extravagant, colorful and loud affairs that are celebrated with great pomp and show.For good omen, the grooms mother also applies a little mehendi on the brides palms.
The grooms family dresses up the bride with a special outfit, bangles, and jewelry, apply henna (mehandi) on her hands and feet and mark the brides head with sindoor (red powder) as a symbol of commitment.
So, which one is your favourite ritual of the entire Sikh wedding?