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I immediately felt the need to share half of the fabric with Sue :-).
I am so pleased to now know Lori as a friend!
For this tutorial Im using pre-packaged corded piping, but homemade would work just as well.Click here for all the information) This next cushion isnt one I use, but I found it in an antique store many years ago and I love.Each animal is adorable, but the number of pieces per block was a bit intimidating.The only color I couldnt find in a Spandex type fabric was orange, scotia gold card rewards so I tried polar fleece.Class #1 was all about getting excited, talking about what a quilt was, patterns we might what is amazon ca rewards visa card be wanting to make, etc.They will last longer if stored in an air-tight container or bag.I do think of my legacy and descendants who might search for my work knowing that my quilt, large or small, can always be identified by this red piece of fabric.The Seminole woman shaped the palmetto into a dolls body, stuffing the body with more palmetto.The picture I used for this new quilt was the view from my kitchen window.I received responses hip hip gifts from 2 talented stitchers and I found their projects delightful.Click here for more information on the Seminole Border Workshop.Please bear in mind my original comforter was layered with a sheet and a sheet blanket, stitched around and turned; then it was tied with yarn every 16 so it never laid flat, even before the wool shrunk.The great thing about using the glue is if it doesnt match exactly, even after pressing, simply pull it apart and glue again!She said the pattern on the site I linked to in the blog worked well.Id love to know more.And one more note.
The second day of the show a friend came up to me and said she liked my quilt.

Since almost all of the worn blocks were on the edge why not cover them with a border quilt-as-you-go style? .
She was very gracious and I know youll be impressed.