The source rewards program

the source rewards program

Here's how: Tell a friend about us, frequently we meet a company for the first time having never had contact with the referring business.
Why did my points drastically decrease?
Js rewards program application using the LoopBack framework.There are occasionally times where processing will happen later, and in some cases can be up to 60 days from the date the order was placed.At xTuple, we believe the ultimate measurement of your satisfaction and the highest compliment you can give is when you recommend us to a friend or business colleague.More items may be added over time.Rewards Program Settings section of your user profile.For example: If you gained 1,000 points two years ago, and you spend them all, your oldest point expirations would be those accrued after those 1,000).Thus, nobel prize oliver hart the total number of points fluctuates from month to month.When you complete this code pattern, youll have created your own Node.Months with fewer days in them will generally see more points per day than longer months, and also near the end of the month you may see a significant point increase.Authors who do not log in for over 60 days will no longer accrue points until their next login.Expose the rewards program APIs.The number of points in the monthly pool may have decreased from the previous month, or other projects could have gained in popularity (or your projects' popularity may have waned all projects gain their daily points from a single monthly pool.
How many points are given out?